I remember how to be or become a little bowl to contain love inside again. This is good news, like Christmas. It lights up like the fake tree in our…
No one cares how you may have saved the world the other day for thirty minutes. How the pen obeys, and the paper controls. Trying to talk. That time for…
Rap makamında konuşmak. Jazz makamında susmak. Aile makamında secdeye yatmak mıdır yaptığımız her şey? Karekod okutarak yapamadığımız daha çok şey var…
First thing in the morning I look for my 1 TB external hard drive. It is nowhere to be found. I might start something new.
The thing is, I’ve been telling you, we have a garden. What happened to that girl? I wanted to ask her when she was leaving.
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